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About Ergo

Ergo creates a strategic and integrative vision for its clients through a unique combination of organizational efficiency and excellence, as well as competitive market advantages and growth engines. The Ergo Group was founded in 1986, and it is one of Israel’s leading consulting firms. The group employs dozens of experts and specialists in five fields:

These closely related fields work together to provide clients with integrative and comprehensive solutions. To this end, Ergo applies its professional knowledge, methodologies, and broad experience from a number of complementary fields: strategic consulting, innovation, marketing, branding, managerial and business consulting, organizational development, industrial engineering, human factors engineering (ergonomics), knowledge management, information systems, training, and implementation.

Current business environments are highly competitive, changing, and dynamic. This reality demands that managers constantly adjust the organization, its modes of conduct, and its technology to align with strategic initiatives and decisions of senior management. Such processes frequently require a combination of expertise and experience that are not readily available within the organization. Ergo helps its clients meet these challenges.

Highly accomplished in their fields, Ergo's executives are what sets us apart. They are one of Ergo's most valuable assets. Among them are executives and partners with decades of experience in various industries and organizations in Israel and abroad. This unique blend of executive skills allows us to offer our clients effective interdisciplinary collaboration, producing substantially superior results.

Executive Team

  • Dr. Mickey Wangenheim

    Founder and CEO of Ergo. Mickey has over 25 years' experience consulting for companies and organizations in Israel and the world over. He advises leading organizations in managerial and operational strategy, business development, and business administration and optimization. In addition to his work as a consultant, Mickey is active in a number of start-ups, and lectures at conferences and academic institutions.

  • Dr. Nachum Fossfeld

    Founding partner and director at Ergo. Nachum has over 25 years' experience consulting for organizations and companies on integrative projects designed to improve managerial and operational effectiveness. Such projects are characterized by complex change processes and integrate aspects of organizational consulting and development, organization and methods, knowledge management, implementation, and human factors engineering (ergonomics).

  • Shuli Ozeri (BSc, MBA)

    Partner-director and Senior consultant, with over 13 years' experience consulting for organizations and companies in various sectors. Shuli specializes in service and operations, leading organization-wide service policy implementation projects, creating and improving service and sales divisions, improving business effectiveness based on customer feedback, organizational structure, work processes and interfaces, task definition, information systems analysis, etc.

  • Rotem Yarkoni (BSc, MBA)

    Partner-director and senior consultant, with over 10 years' experience consulting for organizations and companies in Israel and around the world. Rotem specializes in process improvement, organizational analysis, work processes and interfaces analysis, operations, standardization, performance management, and knowledge management.

  • Osnat Bar-Noy (BSc, MBA)

    Senior project manager and client portfolio manager. Osnat has over 12 years' experience consulting for large commercial organizations, specializing in organizational analysis, work processes and interfaces, organizational structure, task definitions, definition of functional requirements for operational systems, operations and service performance management.

  • Eva Hanniman (M.A.)

    Head of the Ergonomics Division, and project manager. Eva has over 20 years' experience consulting for organizations and companies. Specializing in ergonomic design, workstations, manual handling, and ergonomics training. Eva completed her graduate studies in Australia, is a guest lecturer at the University of New South Wales in Australia, and serves as the secretary of the Israel Ergonomics Association.

Main Office


14 Habanim St. Entrance A, 7th floor

Hod Hasharon