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Business Design for Tasks Workload Management

At one of our customers, a revolutionary startup in the retail industry with a computer image technology, most of the recognition tasks are automatically analyzed on-line by the state of the art deep learning and machine learning algorithms. On top of the automatic process,  thousands of different tasks need to be manually analyzed from varies reasons such as quality ensures, complete gaps of the automatic process and launch new project, to name few. Needless to say, all these tasks need to be managed.

The business need:  Gain productivity and efficiency by

  • Switching from manual to automatic management by routing tasks to skilled employees according to company commitment to customer and employee workload
  • Moving from a single tenant to a multi-tenant system
  • Handle a big scale of tasks

The Project goals:

  • Route tasks according to business value - supporting business agility
  • Automate resource blending - eliminate manual rebalancing
  • Decrease time between tasks - forcing process compliance
  • Ensure work is distributed to employees based on skills and proficiencies

​Work tasks from various Projects 

      >> Prioritized work tasks according to Business/Customer value and employee capabilities 

               >> Optimally distributes work tasks,  to the Right employee, at the right time

Project methodology

  • Defining operational concept - Expertise based on customer/task specifics
  • Mapping existing condition
  • Business design for tasks workload management including
  • Definition of routing methodology
  • Definition of Skills and Expertise
  • Definition of Business rules in order to implement the defined operational and business concept

The Project Deliverable will lead the company to:

  • Optimally distribute work tasks according to company business needs
  • Reduction of management resources
  • Increasing company agility
  • Working according to customer SLA